After School Programs

after-school-programMany neighborhoods within the united States are increasingly getting less safe due to gang, drug trade, and gun violence, making it increasingly difficult for little children who are caught up in the cross fire due to poverty. Many little children, due to poverty and less parental control, many of these kids ends up being school dropouts, gang members, drug dealers, and even being killed.

Due to poverty and less parental involvement in many children lives, academic focus is given little attention. To prevent these, at risk children from getting caught up in the web of violence, and above all getting them focused on their academic work by improving their general awareness, math and literally skills. The foundation has designed special programs of study that will, enable these children spend at least two hours a day to participate in special learning sessions necessary to improve their social and academic skills.

The After school programs are tailored to get parents involved on their children’s day to day engagement on their kids progress, in a sense that, they have to make sure their children do their homework as required and also making sure they monitor children’s movement so as to stay away from the streets.