Women Empowerment

women-empowermentThe John Mashaka Foundationis dedicated to empowering women from all walks of life by providing them with the basics of life such as dignity and right to decide, they direly deserve. The women empowerment project is intended at reducing poverty in this part of the world where men dominate everything and women have no voice or an opportunity to express their creativity and ideas, and living in constant fear and abject poverty. Thousands if not millions of them are living under the fear of physical and psychological abuse. In the process, they are forced to run away from oppression.

As result of extreme poverty in rural areas, girls find themselves responsible adults at very early age, in which they have to be bread-winners for their families. Therefore, urban migration becomes an option of choice where desperation and hopelessness drives them into begging or do whatever they can to feed themselves and their families back home. Without any formal education or training, majority are automatically forced to engage in prostitution. Many of these women’s future has been have been destroyed for the most part.

Through our educational, Micro-financing project, we intend to empower these women by giving them chances; training them on short term trades such as tailoring, hospitality, shop- keeping, modern farming, etc. before issuing them with the loans. We are also going to train program participants on money management skills. By enabling a woman, you enable the entire society because women spend their income on their families; on children school fees, food and so forth.

Our project is meant to provide these young women with professional counseling, and an opportunity to learn trades of their own choosing, that will empower them economically and psychologically. The long term impact of the project is to address some of the most traumatizing women concerns in the current global environment, at the same time building lives that were once destroyed. The project will enable irreversible positive social economic change into the lives of these young women who have lost hope. Our women empowerment program change from time to time depending on the situation in the ground.